Firearm Safety Class

Firearm Safety Class

Gun Safety Training

Safety Class & Certified Gun Training in Massachusetts

Class Description

Certified Training for Your Class A License to Carry (LTC) or Firearm Identification Card (FID)
Massachusetts requires any individual applying for a class A LTC or FID card to pass a State Police approved safety course from a certified trainer. The most common course offered is the LTC-007 (NRA Home Safety Course), and this is what we teach. There is no shooting component for this class, safe gun handling and general safety knowledge are first and foremost when it comes to firearms.

Class Pricing

  • Weekday $125
  • Weekend $160
  • 4.5 Hours
Can run a little over depending on the size of class and amount of questions asked.
  • Complete class and receive a $20 gift certificate off the purchase of a firearm at Four Seasons gun shop in Woburn
  • Certificate for $30 off various classes at the FSA

Class Details

  • You will learn about the safe handling of firearms and ammunition.
  • You will learn about the various parts of the handgun, the ammunition they use, and how to properly handle and store them.
  • You will learn how to load and unload the most common types of handguns.
  • You will learn the Laws pertaining to transportation, home storage, and the proper use of a firearm. We will also go over the application process.
  • The class duration is approximately 4 – 5 hours depending on class size and amount of questions.
  • Request to open a Sunday class can be made.

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  • There is a $20 charge for the research, re-printing, and mailing of a new certificate.
  • If a former student needs to re-take a safety course and the elapsed time has been less than one year from the date of the first course taken, the price to retake the safety course will be 1/2 off the current price. If the elapsed time is  one year and one day, safety class will be the current full price.
  • A student who has signed up for a class and cannot show up or needs to cancel, must inform the FSA and that student may pick the next available date to take class, but a $30 fee will be added to the booking. The student must take class within one month (30 days) of signing up for the original class or their seat will no longer be available. A student may change their class date to a later date only twice.
  • If a student doesn’t show up for their scheduled class appointment (no call no show) then a $60 fee will be added to the booking.
  • If a student would like a complete refund then the FSA must be notified one week (7 days) by e-mail [email protected] prior to the class date. If the student does not receive a response from the FSA within 12 hours, the student must call 617-605-6328. If the notification is less than one week but four days prior to class, then 1/2 the total will be refunded. If notified less than four days prior to class then no refund will be issued.
  • Any student that shows up to class 15 minutes after the start time will not be allowed into class.
We offer Massachusetts State Police approved training for those interested in obtaining their Massachusetts Class A license to Carry (LTC) or Firearm Identification Card (FID). Those seeking a Mass firearm license must show proof of this training prior to applying for their license. At the end of one session you will have your certificate.
The certification course we teach for Mass. firearm licensing certification is the National Rifle Association (NRA) Home Safety Course (LTC-007). This is the most popular course approved by the NRA and it is perfect for those with no experience with firearms as well as education for those who have experience. Men and women are both equally successful.